Happy 2017 Everyone!

New Year’s has always been a time of reflection and revitalization. Although I have several resolutions that are more than skin-deep (more on that later), the most exciting one of all to me is a reinvention of style and looks. We all usually end up with new things and a little extra spending cash after Christmas, and this inspires me to find new ways to express myself with beauty.

I’m really excited to use and review some products I got over Christmas and also try some new looks. Check out my beauty inspiration board for this winter:


The vibe I am going for is a pink, frosty, and a little bit cosmic.

I plan to get some nice grey/ash highlights in my hair (middle row, right column). I’m considering a light lavender tint a la Kelly Osbourne, but I’m not certain if my office would go for that. Regardless, I want to get rid of my gold tones and get my hair looking frosty.

I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (pictured bottom row, middle column and top row, right column). It’s a highlighting kit, but it has a rainbow array of colors, which is a bit risky to my basic style, but I think it could add a a lot of dimension to my super round face.

I’ve decided that lip gloss is making a comeback in 2017 (example pictured top row, left column). For me, at least. 2015 and 2016 were huge for matte lipimg_5360s, but I’m ready for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I love
a good matte lip and will still be using mine frequently. But I’d like to get into shiny ad/or sparkly lips to go with my frosty-spacey style these next few months. Right now I’m looking at buying MAC’s Lipglass. Stay tuned for a review.

And lastly, what I’m most excited to add to my beauty regimen is The Supers serums by Glossier. I’ve been reading a little bit about the steps of Korean Skin care (There are 9img_5361 total, I only do 6 or 7) and I’ve been looking to add serums to my list. Serums are usually really confusing, really expensive, and it seems like something only rich 40 year old women would buy for aging. But Glossier’s serums list what each serum does instead of just what it contains. This pack of 3 serums includes Super Glow serum for dull, tired skin, Super Pure serum for breakouts and redness, and Super Bounce serum for dry and tight skin. I will be doing a thorough review of these so you can see some results before you buy, but if you’d like to go ahead and take the leap into Glossier skin care, use my 20% off link so that we can both save some cash!


Happy New Year,

{ C A R O L I N E }



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